Anne Panicker

Anne Thomas Panicker has a background in research, law, and programmatic planning. She is a Political Science graduate from St. Xavier’s College, Mumbai. After that, she pursued her legal studies at Government Law College, Mumbai, and completed her course in 2014. She has experience in research on gender issues, children in conflict with the law, their rehabilitation, compensation, medical rehabilitation requests for acid attack survivors, and other human rights issues. She guides our team using her varied learnings.

Arya Raje

A law graduate at Law, ILS Law College, followed by pursuing an MPhil at TISS worked as a public interest lawyer and dedicated researcher for a decade. Her focus lies at the dynamic crossroads of human rights, strategic public interest litigation, criminal law, gender equality, and social equity. Driven by a profound commitment to effecting positive change, she believes in addressing socio-legal challenges through a multifaceted approach. Her methodology incorporates dialogue, education, and fostering two-way communication with stakeholders, striving to create meaningful and lasting impact in the pursuit of justice and equality.

Mani Prakash 

A distinguished lawyer, prolific writer, and passionate human rights activist. With a focus on a myriad of human rights concerns, including gender equality and environmental preservation, she brings a wealth of experience to her work. Boasting a decade-long tenure representing environmental organizations across India, she possesses a deep understanding of environmental litigation intricacies. She advocates for the fusion of traditional eco-friendly wisdom and contemporary technology, fostering sustainable practices for a brighter future.

Nidhi P Thapar

Nidhi P Thapar, an engineer, and a management professional after quitting a decade-long corporate career in infrastructure working with companies like ultra tech, Ambuja Cement is now a content creator and creative head of CGE. She believes human health and well-being are intimately linked to the state of the environment. Her passion for her work inspires her to contribute to building a clean environment. 

Mouli Mehrotra 

A graphic designer, visual artist, and animal lover. She works on issues related to community animals, wildlife, and its interactions with urban habitats. She works on issues related to human-animal conflict, and the housing conditions of farmed animals. Currently an Ahimsa Fellow in India, she works with a wide network of animal rights advocates and activists in the country. She oversees the fieldwork as well as the social media presence of the organization.


Dr. Carolijn Terwindt 

A multifaceted professional, adeptly blending expertise in law, cultural anthropology, literature, and artistic exploration. As a Senior Legal Advisor at the European Center for Constitutional and Human Rights in Berlin, she championed workers' rights in the textile industry and agribusiness. Her dynamic involvement extended to coordinating and participating in impactful exhibitions in Hamburg and Berlin. Notably, she contributes her wealth of experience and insight on corporate responsibility as an esteemed advisor on the panel of CGE. 

Yachna Srivastava

A development professional with two decades of experience particularly in the domains of gender, maternal and child health, education, adolescent health, livelihoods, and skills. Her extensive experience at the grassroots with rural women and adolescent girls is complemented by technical skills and a deep understanding of the socio-economic milieu of UP, Bihar, and MP.

Bipasha Majumder 

A documentation specialist, writer, and researcher with over a decade of experience in the social sector. She has led the Environmental Justice Initiative and Independent People’s Tribunal at Human Rights Law Network. She is also the author of the book The Garden of Pride that documents community leadership and participation in transforming green spaces in New Delhi. The book was released by the then LG Shri Anil Baijal. 

Dr. D. Narasimha Reddy did his Ph.D in Political Science. In addition, he has been working in various capacities on environment and development issues. Involved in campaigns on industrial pollution since his student days at the University level, Mr. Reddy has been instrumental in producing a status report on environment in 1990 in Andhra Pradesh. He also authored environment education material for Universities and colleges, and also co-authored a book on Environmental Education, published in 2001. He worked on industrial pollution, Hyderabad Master Plan, lakes, rock mining, solid waste management and various other environment and livelihood linked issues in Andhra Pradesh.