Women and Health 

Women Farmers and Health impact of Pesticide exposure

we are dedicated to addressing the unique challenges faced by women farmers in relation to pesticide exposure and its health implications. Our commitment revolves around conducting rigorous and independent research to shed light on the specific issues affecting women engaged in agriculture.

Pesticides play a crucial role in modern agriculture, but their use can have profound effects on the health of those working in the fields. Women farmers, in particular, may encounter specific challenges and vulnerabilities in this context. Our research initiatives aim to delve into the nuances of these challenges, examining the correlation between pesticide exposure and women farmers' health.

Training and workshops

We strive to empower women farmers with knowledge and resources. Through information dissemination and targeted training programs, we equip them with the tools needed to access their rights and entitlements. Our focus extends to promoting awareness and providing protective measures against pesticide exposure.

Sustainable agricultural practices

We advocate for sustainable agricultural practices, emphasizing organic farming as an alternative approach. Sustainable agriculture not only safeguards the environment but also contributes to the well-being of farmers and the communities they serve. By promoting sustainable and organic farming practices, we envision a healthier, more resilient future for women farmers.